Preparing for Hurricanes in the Florida Keys

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When one lives in the Florida Keys, Hurricanes are simply part of the lifestyle.  We prepare for them every season, and then we hope they don't show up.  And although the Florida Keys haven't experienced a major hurricane in over ten years, this coming weekend may change that good fortune. 

Homes in the Florida Keys have long been built with hurricanes in mind, and the homes we build today are built to withstand sustained 185 mph winds! And because most damage by hurricanes is due to high water, many of the homes in the Keys are elevated to allow water to flow underneath and through the structure without causing major structural damage. Naturally, the high building standards and government oversight cause our homes to be more expensive - but well worth it when a storm approaches.

Hurricane Irma is churning in the Atlantic, and the forecast cone from the National Weather Service shows that we should stay vigilant, and once again, prepare for a good blow!  So what does that mean to us living here near the water in the Upper Keys? Well for me, it means doing everything I can to make sure my family and my home are well prepared for the storm.

Following a link below will take you to a hurricane safety checklist that will help ensure you're ready should a hurricane roll through the Florida Keys. 

Hurricane Safety Checklists

The Monroe County Florida Emergency Management department has developed a website that outlines Monroe County's hurricane management and evacuation plan, and is a tremendous resource for residents of the Florida Keys.  Please follow the following link to the Monroe County Florida Emergency Management Website to learn about our County's plan for hurricane preparedness and evacuation.

Be prepared, and stay safe!