Florida Keys Real Estate Goes Solar

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It's not just tourists who catch rays here in the Florida Keys - our homes do too! Frederick Matthews, a local real estate broker associate with Ocean | Sotheby's International Realty in Islamorada, recently installed 80 photovoltaic panels on his bay front home in Key Largo. "It just makes sense," Matthews claims, "the system pays for itself in about 8 years, and then provides free energy for the next 12 years or more. Add the benefit to the environment and to the home value, it's something we should all consider when living in the Sunshine State".  The Florida Keys Electrical Cooperative (FKEC) supports net metering - whereby any excess power generated by a residential system can flow back into the electrical grid. And best of all, the FKEC pays the residential owners for the excess electricity their system produces. For more information about Mr. Matthews' residential solar project, give him a call at (305) 807-4858.